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News for May 2016
Been awhile since I added photos of the park, more coming soon! In the meantime, here's a video I shot about the forgotten history of Legoland Florida from when it was known as Cypress Gardens.

News for October 2011

The transformation is complete and Legoland Florida is finally open! Check out for lots more photos!

(But here are some of my favorites!)

Main Sign

Entrance Southern Belle

Entrance Rainbow

Island in the Sky

Darth Vader


Fun Town Artist

Duplo Farm

Jr. Fire Academy Fireman


Princess Magnolia & Lily

Merlins Challenge Book

Land of Adventure Donkey

Lost Kingdom Adventure Statue

Lost Kingdom Adventure Queue

Safari Trek Parrots

Coastersaurus Truck


Coastersaurus Characters

Boating School Shark

Driving School Ford Explorer

Driving School

Flying School

Flying School

I-Zone Building (SW)

Power Towers

Project X Coaster Car

Aquazone Wave Racers

Ski Show Brickbeard Intro

Ski Show Acrobatics

Ski Show Walk The Plank

Waterfall Critters

Pirates Cove Area

Banyan Tree

Kennedy Space Center

Daytona USA

Pirate's Shores


New York

New York



Washington D.C.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

News for September 2011

Pass Distribution

Pass Distribution

Pass Distribution Play Area

Pass Distribution Play Area

Pass Distribution Car

Pass Distribution Models

Pass Distribution Characters

Pass Distribution with Adrian Jones

Park Map 1

News for August 2011
  • The next map is out! Here you can see a progression of the map.

Legoland Map 4

Legoland Map 3

Legoland Map 2

Legoland Map 1

Legoland Map Sketch

News for July 2011
  • More great news, this time for seniors looking to visit the famous Cypress Gardens Botanical Gardens! Legoland Florida is offering a special annual pass for just $60 for those 60 years of age and above! Check out the details here!
  • Some awesome news for Annual Pass Holders... According to this Facebook post, Legoland Florida will be having a preview opening just for them! I think I will be first in line! Discuss on the Message Board.
  • Added some more new photos from July 23, 2011. Over at the Construction Gallery.

News for June 2011

Dragon Coaster Construction

Dragon Coaster Construction

Dragon Coaster Construction

Boating School Construction

Driving School Construction

News for March 2011
  • This Ledger story includes what looks like a park map for Legoland!

Legoland Map 2

News for December 2010
  • My father in-law stayed at the hotel across from LegoLand and the wife took some snapshots of the building of the sinkhole. Some Photos are here.

Boating School Construction

Land of Adventure Construction

Boating School Construction

News for July 2010

Legoland Open House

Legoland Open House

Legoland Open House

Legoland Open House

News for April 2010
  • Not a whole lot going on right now. At least from what we can see. I'm sure Lego is bustling with their plans. For now, you can see what's left of the old CG by going to the " Construction Gallery ". It's technically not "Legoland" but this is what it will be morphing from.

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